The Incubation Room at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

We spent today training at Kijabe Hospital here outside of Nairobi, Kenya!  What a wonderful team of health care providers this hospital has, all so very dedicated to the work that they do.  Kijabe Hospital is a wonderful standard for what health care facilities in Africa can be.  It is a welcoming place, friendly and most importantly, clean!  This hospital however, just like every other facility we have seen on this Health eVillages trip, suffers from a serious lack of medical reference material.

A good deal of what we have seen here; from the equipment, to the medications and the books, has been donated by either generous people within Kenya or, more often than not, from the United States.  Kijabe Hospital is a teaching hospital and if they are not able to receive enough donations, students are sometimes left without medical books.  The level of care/teaching here is high and it was exciting for us to see the excitement from students as they begin to understand the wealth of medical knowledge that is now at their fingertips with the Skyscape apps on the devices.

Dr. Mark Newton is our Pilot contact here in Kijabe.  Truly a wonderful man, he has spent the last thirteen years of his life dedicated to teaching and practicing anesthesiology here in Kenya.  Originally from the United States, Dr. Newton has brought up his family here, made a life here, because he believes in changing the world for better.  Many of the pieces of donated equipment here at Kijabe Hospital were brought over by him and his colleagues, some of them he has convinced to stay and work for years at a time!

Our last training today was for two of Dr. Newton’s recent anesthesiology graduates.  Grace is from Mombasa, a coastal Kenya city.  Papytcho is from South Eastern Congo.  Both trained with Dr. Newton here in Kijabe and returned here to train on the Health eVillages devices and will return home with devices to be used in their cities.  We are so excited to begin to hear feedback from them!

This has been an amazing trip, where we have been fortunate to meet many health care providers.  These folks are truly helping their people every day, they are changing the world.  It has been amazing to be able to be a small piece of what they do.  We look forward to continuing our connection with these incredible individuals, and will use their feedback to make the Health eVillages program even stronger!  More to come!