Location: Matugga & Acuma, Uganda

Angels of Hope Uganda operates two clinics. One in the northern part of the country in Acuma where they care for the many orphans and victims of Lord Kony’s Army. At the second location outside the capital in Matugga, Angels of Hope Uganda has a busy patient load with generations of family members seeking care. They provide a holistic approach that focuses not only on the physical well-being of their patients, but psychological and social as well. The health care providers that staff the Matugga clinic also go out to the neighboring areas to treat those patients who are unable to make it to the facility.

Health eVillages has helped the nurses in the clinics better control the prescription of antibiotics and reduce the resistance to antibiotics. Additionally, nurses use the Health eVillages content and technology to diagnose and treat patients with a special focus on child/maternal health, HIV/AIDS care and primary care procedures. Health eVillages has made it possible for the clinics to host community education nights where parents learn how to care for themselves and their children. Recently, men have started attending these education nights with their wives, which is a progressive step counter to the cultural norm.

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