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Putting the ‘Human-Centered’ into Design for Social Innovation

September 24, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News from the Field  

Health eVillages has been addressing the problems of healthcare professionals in the most challenging of environments, using technology and content as the solution. There is no doubt that we have been instrumental in creating positive impact and saving lives. Yet, when we thought of “Heal the Villages*”, we wanted to do even more—and in a […]

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Harrington Family Health Center Provides a Progressive, Holistic Approach to Patient Health

August 10, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News from the Field  

  Harrington Family Health Center is a truly unique establishment, staffed by some incredible individuals. Harrington resides in Washington County, the poorest and sickest county in Maine. They have above average cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and early death rates. They also serve a population of migrant farm workers who travel to Harrington from places […]

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The Miracle Makers of Mirebalais

June 22, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News from the Field  

Toward the end of our visit to Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, I was given the opportunity to interview various members of the amazing staff. It was during one of these interviews that I was struck by a profound and beautiful statement. While speaking with Marie, the surgical ward manager, I asked if she could tell […]

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Expanding HERO: 27 new devices for nurses at Ste. Therese, Haiti

June 01, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News from the Field  

Ste. Therese has changed very little since I was last there. But it was quieter this time, with seemingly fewer patients, which I would like to hope is a good thing. There is still plenty of work to be done, though, and a number of nurses doing it. There are currently 27 full-time nurses staffing […]

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Do apps really save lives?

May 07, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News from the Field  

Rachana and I recently had the opportunity to visit Nairobi as guests of the Blood:Water Partner Summit to introduce Health eVillages and Omnio’s clinical support tool application. In an effort to engage the group with an understanding of the impact that Health eVillages could have in assisting healthcare providers save lives, I started to share […]

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