Backed by 14 years of core global supply chain experience, Anand currently works for the Netherlands-based multinational Royal Philips as Director Global Commodities/Procurement Strategy. Since joining Royal Philips in 2013, Anand has been responsible for leading and developing the fast-growing healthcare operations of Philips globally.

Prior to joining Royal Philips, Anand had been actively engaged in developing supply chain strategy and logistics solutions for large and small companies in the consumer-packaged goods and automotive sectors.

Anand has also volunteered for social welfare organizations in India. During his volunteer experience, he traveled extensively through rural India working on projects on child education, nutrition and women’s health. From the above experiences, he came to realize that discipline and perfection are not dependent on education or technology. The education, technical expertise and economic prosperity of the more fortunate people like us, are only a tool to reach these young men and women in the most challenging environment and to show them the way to a better life.

Today, working for a global healthcare company, Royal Philips, he has come closer to the reality that corporate social responsibility plays a pivotal role defining the true objectives of any company, big or small. He personally would like to see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) more as Corporate Social Accountability (CSA), rather than as a responsibility that a healthcare organization might find itself forced to fulfill. Accountability encompasses responsibility and requires a broader outlook to doing business.

Anand holds an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University and an Executive Master’s in Healthcare and Leadership from Brown University. Anand serves in the Case Western Reserve University Alumni Board as Student Development Chair.