As president and COO of Healthwise, Jim Giuffré led Healthwise’s growth to become the most trusted source of evidence-based consumer health information in the world.  Clients include health systems, health plans, health portals and public health programs in the US, Canada and abroad.

Jim Giuffré has an extensive background in health education, developing client solutions, sales and operations.  His career has included serving Healthwise three different times. He first joined Healthwise in 1979 as a health promotion specialist and ended his tenure with Healthwise as President and COO in 2017.

When he wasn’t working for Healthwise, he served as vice president of sales at WebMD and WellMed. He also directed the Central and North Central Public Health Districts in Idaho. Giuffré’s professional accomplishments include the development and implementation of community, statewide, and International health education and medical self-care programs.  Giuffré received his bachelor of arts degree in biology from the University of California in Santa Cruz, and later earned his master’s degree in public health at the University of California in Berkeley.

Today, Jim serves on 3 not-for-profit Boards, all focused on expanding access to care and enhancing consumer health engagement; and is an Angel investor and consultant to several start-ups; and has an active lifestyle skiing, mountain biking, and introducing grandkids to new adventures.