Donato Tramuto featured in BostInno article, The Future of Telemedicine: Can Technology Keep the Doctor Away?

Last year, when Donato Tramuto discovered a rash on his chest, he simply snapped a picture with his phone. Because he is the CEO of a healthcare company, Physicians Interactive, he sent the photo to a doctor friend who was able to immediately diagnose him with shingles.

For now, that’s not a common experience. But a number of startups are working on various elements of a broader vision of the future of healthcare, one in which trips to the doctor’s office are few and far between. Telemedicine is a hot topic in healthcare, and for good reason. A night in a hospital, or even a trip to the doctor’s office, is expensive. And the ratio of primary care doctors to patients is only going to get worse.

Enter a number of startups working on mobile apps, robots and more to make it easier for you to get healthcare directly from your home. Sherpaa, a New York-based startup, is building a network of doctors that can be contacted by phone or email, including, in some cases, sending a picture of your symptoms. And they’re not alone. In fact, they have quite a bit of competition.

But phones and email have their limitations. While they might work for the average, mostly healthy patient, those with chronic disease need more attention. Yet, even there, technology is disrupting the traditional order through robotics.

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