Our friend Sue Powers traveled to rural Uganda recently and contacted Health eVillages about the possibility of bringing our tablets and digital health content to the clinic there. Buseesa is an area deep in the jungles of Western Uganda where many lives are lost due to malnutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, typhoid, and other common conditions and diseases. We were happy to help!

I am a member of the St. James International Outreach Ministry in Mason, Michigan.  We recently went on a mission trip to Buseesa, Uganda and one of our focus projects was with the local health clinic called St. Denis Health Center.  I connected with Health eVillages before our trip and explained how this health clinic supported a remote area in Uganda and they are always in need of ways to better serve their community. Health eVillages discussed the needs of the health clinic and what diseases and conditions they typically deal with in Uganda.  Once Health eVillages had the pertinent information needed, they graciously provided us with 4 android tablets, loaded with appropriate health information regarding conditions, symptoms, treatments, medications, interactions, etc.  The staff at the Health Center want to make a difference and were so very excited when we provided the tablets to them with all of the amazing applications and data.  We taught the staff how to use the tablets and resources and they have been successfully using them ever since!  These tablets are extremely valuable to this medical team and will allow them to provide much better care to the people of Buseesa.  Our team can’t thank Health eVillages for this amazing and life-saving gift to this Ugandan health clinic.



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