HEROThe Health eVillages team spent last week at Regis College visiting our Haitian nursing users and launching the Health eVillages Regis College Outreach (HERO) program.  It was a pleasure to spend time with these women.  We hadn’t met with them in-person since last summer when we updated their devices with a number of 3rd party Creole and French language medical apps.  It was wonderful to see the number of nurses reporting consistent use change from just four in June 2012 to 12 out of 13!  Many of the nurses reported using the devices every day to form lesson plans for nursing students.  At Health eVillages, we are excited to help train the next generation of nurses in Haiti!

To launch the HERO program, we met with our two coordinators at Regis College– Dr. Jan Tuxbury, a Regis College Professor, and Manoucheka Esteve, a Haitian nurse who works at a health center in Hinche, Haiti. It was there that she received her new Health eVillages iPad loaded with a comprehensive mix of French, Creole, and English language medical reference material.  She learned to use the device and software immediately, and we watched with smiles as we saw that look she had on her face – the look of a new Health eVillages user who, for the first time, realizes the breadth of reference materials available.

The Hinche health center is run by Partners In Health and the Haitian Ministry of Health. We could not be more excited to be working with them!  For over 25 years, Partners In Health has been delivering high-quality healthcare in Haiti.

Through the HERO program, Manoucheka will lead health education at Hinche.  She will teach classes for healthcare providers using topics from her Health eVillages device and show French language medical videos on her iPad to educate providers and patients.  In addition to this, Manoucheka will be working with Dr. Tuxbury to bring four Regis College nursing educators to Hinche twice a year to teach and help treat patients.  These nurse educators will each be armed with their own Health eVillages devices.

Big thanks to Physicians Interactive and Medical Aid Films for providing the content suite backbone. This is the first time Health eVillages has released Medical Aid Films in French.  A big thank you also goes to Partners In Health and Regis College.  Manoucheka will return home tomorrow to begin a 3-4 month nurse educator training program administered by Partners In Health.  We at Health eVillages are excited about the future of the HERO program!