Just five short years ago, Donato Tramuto, in conjunction with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and Aptus Health, founded what was to become an extraordinary organization. Health eVillages was formed initially to meet healthcare information needs following the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake and the Gulf oil spill in Louisiana. Since then, Health eVillages has evolved into more than a delivery channel of clinical content through mobile technology. We are now on a journey to collaborate with others to “Heal the Villages”.

How do we address such a huge and seemingly all-encompassing goal? Certainly not alone. We partner with others who are like-minded in their desire to address the challenge of 1 billion people in our lifetime going to their graves never having seen a healthcare provider; in their belief that access to healthcare is a basic human right; and in their conviction that it is our responsibility to use our gifts—of talent, treasure, or time—to do what we can to better the lives of others. Only through those shared goals and collaborative efforts will we be able to progress on the path of healing the villages and working toward their overall well-being.

Even as we look forward to the journey ahead, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on our 5-year history, and celebrate some of our accomplishments:

  • Deployment of over 200 digital devices loaded with relevant clinical content in Uganda (Angels of Hope), South Sudan (Juba Teaching Hospital), Louisiana’s Robert F. Kennedy Medical Clinic in Lafitte, and most recently in rural Maine (Harrington Family Health Center);
  • Digitization of healthcare protocols to enable providers to deliver healthcare services in the community;
  • Participation as part of the coalition to address the Ebola crisis; partnering with Aptus Health, MedHelp, Univadis, WelVu, and others to communicate established protocols, reducing the further spread of this devastating disease;
  • Collaboration in the education of future healthcare providers–nurses in Haiti through our relationship with Partners in Health, anesthesiologists through Kijabe Medical Center in Kijabe, Kenya and physicians through our connection with Future Doctors of South Sudan;
  • Engagement of the community’s youth in Chellanham, India intervening at an early age to discuss all aspects of health: physical, mental, and emotional;
  • Assistance in the significant reduction of infant and maternal mortality in Lwala, Kenya, not only through the deployment of our clinical content but also through our funding of a cellular tower, the creation and expansion of a maternity ward, and now the implementation of a mobile care unit—the “Health eVehicle”.

These successes (and many more!) could not have been accomplished without the care and collaboration of others. What started as a technology-enabled solution has transformed into much more than that…using our technology to drive connections to content, caregivers, and communities. It truly does “take a village”. To honor these alliances, we are going to celebrate “Heroes Who Heal the Villages” on February 23, 2016 at the Health eVillages 5th Anniversary Celebration in New York City. We’ll honor their contributions as we encourage others to join us on this incredible journey.

Health eVillages has accomplished much, but we have far much more to do—our journey is without end. Please consider joining us in our continuing efforts to improve health and well-being in the communities we serve, perhaps starting with your support of our 5th Anniversary celebration, and please join me in congratulating our Heroes who Heal the Villages!