Location: Hinche, Haiti

The work with Health eVillages, Regis College and Partners in Health comes in two forms: the first involves a group of nurse educators from the 5 national nursing schools in Haiti. These nurses travel to Regis College to take courses and train. They in turn train the next generation of nurses, for which there is great demand. The initial cohort of nurses launched the Health eVillages and Regis College partnership in 2011 when the graduating nurses received devices loaded with clinical decision support content.

The second is the focused education in Hinche, Haiti where the Regis Nurse Coordinator travels to Ste. Therese to train the nurses on a multitude of clinical areas in tandem with an on-site Haitian Nurse Educator. These trainings focus on clinical concepts and procedures including pain management, wound care and neonatal resuscitation. This program has quickly expanded and in June of 2015 the entire nursing staff of Ste. Therese hospital was outfitted with their own tablets, putting their learning and patient education in their own hands. As of 2017, the nursing staff have been updated with SIM card enabled tablets in order to meet the challenge of limited internet connectivity at the facility.

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