Location: Kijabe, Kenya

AIC Kijabe Hospital is a non-profit teaching hospital located about an hour outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The 350-bed facility is one of the more sophisticated hospitals in the region and draws patients, clinicians and students from all of East Africa for treatment and education.

Since 2012, Health eVillages has supported Kijabe Hospital’s Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetist (KRNA) Program, an intensive 18-month competency-based training in anesthesia, currently educating nurses from Kenya, South Sudan, Somaliland, Gabon, Burundi and Cameroon. Upon their graduation, many of these individuals will return to their home countries as some of the first and only trained anesthetists in their communities.

As of 2017, over 70 tablets have been provided to graduates of this program which include a digitized medical text library of 20+ anesthesiology related resources provided by our partners at Skyscape. In addition, Health eVillages tablets remain in active use at Kijabe Hospital and are used for teaching and at the point of care during surgical procedures and emergencies.

As of 2018, data provided by Kijabe Hospital has shown approximately 5,000 procedures in which the tablets have been used in preparation for surgery, during the surgery itself or both.


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