Within each of our partner locations, we see a wide range of successful outcomes. These achievements can be as basic as improving general health knowledge of providers and community members, but they can also have a larger impact. Our sites have reported cultural shifts, whereby members of the community who previously had no interest in educational sessions are actively seeking out opportunities to learn about health and health services.


New treatment options learned


Informed decision making in real time


Facilitated accurate diagnosis


Used applications daily

Hear it Directly from Our Partners

Certainly not the least of these accomplishments are the improved health outcomes of patients, many of whose lives are being saved by the courageous providers that we have the privilege to work with. Below are some stories of their most profound successes, in their own words.


Client came in with difficulty in breathing dry cough and fever, using the Omnio app Merck manual and drug guide was able to give start doses to the patient where the breathing improved and was able to send patient for further investigation where a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis was made, the patient was started on anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Phoebe Wafula, Nurse, Food for Hungry Kenya

We have an outbreak of Measles but as soon as I had just read about it, one mother came in with a child of 2 years with severe Dehydration, difficulty in breathing plus dry cough and red eyes so l real gave the right medication and after 3 days l discharged them in good condition and l was grateful about the correct medication l gave with the help of the iPod.

Anet Nalubega, Nurse, Angels of Hope Uganda

When I was resuscitating this one year old baby and there seemed not to be response and asked someone to check on the management of a child without a pulse and I had to change what I was doing and the situation improved.

Mary Mungai, Nurse Anesthetist, Kijabe Hospital

This month l got a patient with a stroke due to Hypertension. I got the device and read what was the immediate care, I got enough information from the device and referred the Patient on first treatment from my clinic hence ended up giving quality care. Thank you to Health eVillages, we are now saving many lives.

Anet Nalubega, Nurse, Angels of Hope Uganda

The midwives in the clinic were not trained on baby resuscitation but with the “helping a baby breathe” tutorial, they were able to learn and start work in maternity with confidence.

Benson Odong, Clinical Officer, Food for the Hungry Uganda