Health eVillages and Tivity Health have partnered to “heal the villages” both globally and domestically. Our Tivity Health colleagues comprising the Health eVillages team is highlighted below:

Bonnie Schirato

Bonnie Schirato, Vice President of Human Resources with Tivity Health, has served as Executive Director of Health eVillages since 2014. She began in that role while Chief People Officer with Aptus Health, tapping into her healthcare technology experience gained there as well as with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. Bonnie’s current dual role allows her the opportunity to drive forward the goal of “Healing the Villages” from an operational perspective, while engaging the hearts and minds of the Tivity Health colleagues from a cultural perspective. Bonnie holds a BA in English and both Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) and Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR) certification.

Dominic Portalla

Dominic Portalla joined Tivity Health in 2016, and has been part of the Health eVillages team since 2014, where he serves as a Project Coordinator. In addition to working directly with partners to ensure the successful execution of program initiatives, he also manages Health eVillages online social media presence.

A graduate of The New England Institute of Art, with expertise in digital media production, Dominic has served as a Content Creator and Video Production Specialist for the organization. He has shot, edited, and produced both educational and promotional content for Health eVillages multimedia campaigns. He is also an award-winning writer and narrative filmmaker.

Kathryn Eaton

Kathryn Eaton joined Tivity Health in 2016, and has been a key contributor to the Health eVillages team since 2014, where she serves as a Project Coordinator. While working directly with partners and programmatic organization, Kathryn is responsible for the development and facilitation of group and one-on-one training programs of Health eVillages’ applications, as well as for device loading and deployment. Kathryn also plays an active role in both internal and external communications regarding Health eVillages activities.

Kathryn graduated from the University of Maine with a double-major in abnormal/social psychology and sociology. Since then, she has pursued her passion and interest in human interaction and the humanities through her work at Health eVillages.