Merrill Warschoff Press, Executive Director

Merrill, Senior Vice President at Johnston Associates, has been the project consultant for Health eVillages since its launch in 2011. Merrill coordinates our Board of Directors, new partnership opportunities, fundraising, finance and administration, events, and other public relations efforts. Merrill’s 25 years of experience with both government and non-profit institutions helps provide a broad context for Health eVillages’ global and domestic healthcare efforts and implementation of its overall strategy.

Dominic Portalla, Program Manager / Multimedia Producer

Dominic Portalla joined Tivity Health’s Corporate Responsibility Team in 2016, having worked on the Health eVillages program since 2014. In addition to collaborating with partners to ensure the successful execution of program initiatives, he also manages Health eVillages online social media presence.

A graduate of The New England Institute of Art, with expertise in digital media production, Dominic has served as a Content Creator and Video Production Specialist for the organization. He has shot, edited, and produced both educational and promotional content for Health eVillages multimedia campaigns. He is also an award-winning writer and narrative filmmaker.

Kathryn Eaton, Program Manager / Associate Partner, Colleague Development

Kathryn Eaton joined Tivity Health in 2016 as a member of its Corporate Responsibility function, and has been a key contributor to the Health eVillages team since 2014. While working directly with partners and programmatic organization, Kathryn is responsible for the development and facilitation of group and one-on-one training programs of Health eVillages’ applications, as well as for device loading and deployment. Kathryn also plays an active role in both internal and external communications regarding Health eVillages activities.

Kathryn graduated from the University of Maine with a double-major in abnormal/social psychology and sociology. Since then, she has pursued her passion and interest in human interaction and the humanities through her work at Health eVillages.

Kimberly Janicak, Communications/Special Projects Coordinator

Kimberly joined the Health eVillages team in 2019. Her previous experience includes Marketing and Communications roles where she was involved in all aspects of community and client relations, as well as email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, special events and website redevelopment. Kimberly graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN with a degree in Marketing.

Health eVillages is supported by both Private Funding and Corporate Sponsorship. We are pleased to recognize Tivity Health, Sharecare and Tramuto Foundation as our designated Corporate Operating Sponsors. As a Corporate Sponsor, organizations work with the Health eVillages Board of Directors and Advisory Board in establishing project/program areas that align to the mission/vision of both organizations.

Arra G. Yerganian, Tivity Health Executive Liaison

As Group Chief Experience and Brand Officer, Arra Yerganian drives overall brand strategy for Tivity Health, creating a member-driven, comprehensive, differentiated and unified brand voice, while raising brand awareness. Passionate about storytelling, Arra connects tens of millions of consumers who are interested in improving their overall physical and mental health through initiatives focused on improving their fitness and nutrition through acclaimed programs like SilverSneakers & Nutrisystem. Additionally, he is responsible for the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, via the Tivity Cares platform, enabling colleagues and partners to support community, environmental and global social initiatives.

Yerganian is an award-winning marketing & sales leader and has served as Chief Marketing / Chief Experience Officer for leading companies like Sutter Health, Benchmark Capital & Google Ventures backed One Medical, and University of Phoenix. He began his marketing career at Procter & Gamble, and served as International Market Manager. He contributes regularly to publications like Ad Age, Forbes, and numerous marketing journals. He is obsessed with creating frictionless and delightful customer and consumer journeys. Providing innovative, market-driven and value-added solutions has been his focus for more than 25 years.

Yerganian was recently honored at Lincoln Center, NYC with the CMO Officers Award. Presented by the International CMO Club, this award recognizes top senior marketing executives who demonstrate the ability to develop and enhance corporate branding beyond the marketing department, leading growth across functional areas.

Arra is a 14+ year active volunteer and Board Chair Emeritus of the Silicon Valley American Red Cross, and recent executive committee member of Rocketship Education, a nationally acclaimed charter school for inner-city children ages 4-11.


Courtney Walters, Sharecare Executive Liaison

Courtney is currently Director, HR Business Partner with Sharecare. Courtney holds her PHR certification and has over 12 years of experience in human resources, all as a part of Healthways/Sharecare team. She is responsible for providing strategic HR support for two of the largest business units within Sharecare’s Population Health Division.

Courtney is based at Sharecare’s Franklin, TN office. She and her husband Chris have two children, Dylan and Jane.

John Doherty, Tramuto Foundation Executive Liaison

John has served as Chief of Staff for Tramuto Foundation and is a board member responsible for establishing strategic projects for the foundation. He spearheaded the review and execution of the Lwala Nutrition Program between Tramuto Foundation and Health eVillages.