Location: Werkok, South Sudan

Partners in Compassionate Care (PCC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 whose goal is to make their hospital, Memorial Christian Hospital, a self-sustained, local NGO that provides health care services to the rural population in South Sudan.

Health eVillages partnered with PCC in 2016 and has provided 8 tablets for the staff at Memorial Christian Hospital. Health eVillages is honored to have been able to meet PCC’s most desperate need – an ambulance. The ambulance transports both clinicians and patients from satellite clinics to the hospital. As of 2018, the ambulance had transported more than 500 people in a little over 1 year. Patients included innocent victims of civil unrest and violence, mothers suffering pregnancy complications or in labor, people afflicted with a severe food poisoning outbreak and more.

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