When Health eVillages visited Harrington Family Health Center in July, there was great anticipation about how our technology-enabled solution – donated tablets programmed with Omnio and other clinician tools – could help improve education and the overall patient experience. I recall the enthusiasm of the healthcare providers during the device training, and I could almost see the wheels turning as they envisioned how these new tablets would incorporate into their day-to-day workflow. Our team left confident that day that these devices were being put into good hands.

Still, we were amazed when we returned for a follow-up visit just four months later and saw the impact of this technology and the enormous transformations that had already begun.

Fortunately, WLBZ-2 Portland was also there to document this follow-up and their coverage captures the experience perfectly.

I was granted permission to observe the interaction between Physician Assistant Molly Boyd and her patient, William. In addition to what is shown here, there was another wonderful moment that bears repeating.

As Molly explained the new medication that she would be prescribing to William, he asked, rather concerned, “will this new medication affect the one I am on now?” Molly smiled and answered by opening a drug interaction analyzer on her tablet and inputting both medications. She was able to show William that there were, in fact, no adverse interactions with these two medicines. William, visibly relieved and confident in this new treatment path, simply responded with, “Sounds like a plan.” It was a truly humbling sight to see; the practical application of our technology playing its small part in creating a bridge between patient and healthcare provider.

That afternoon we left the health center a second time, knowing that these tablets – and the entire community of Harrington – are in very, very good hands.

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