Matt with Angels of Hope Health eVillage sponsor Joseph, his family, Nelson village elder and Angels of Hope founder Fay DeAvignon Acuma, Uganda

Today we traveled back to Kampala, to the small town of Acuma near Soroti, Uganda.

This ride gave us time to reflect on the experience we had just had in the village, and to talk of the history of these people.

In the last ten years the people of northern Uganda saw much violence from a warlord who swept through the area killing his own people and taking children as child soldiers.  Villagers who were able to flee lived in closets and on the streets of Kampala, the only safe place they knew to seek refuge.  Five years ago, the Ugandan government pushed the warlord through Sudan and into the Congo where many of his top officials were forced to surrender and his army was broken up.  The district of Soroti, where Acuma is located, still looks for some of their children who were taken.

Angels of Hope and now Health eVillages are part of the rebuilding of this beautiful community, so recently afflicted with such violence.  The health clinic stands as a beacon of hope in the area, with many mothers walking miles with their children for the very inexpensive, clean health care.

It was an incredible experience to work with the health care providers here, watching them as they realized the knowledge that Health eVillages was bringing to them with the Skyscape software.  The nurse was using one of the devices to find alternatives medicines for a patient as I went to say goodbye this morning.

Touched to be part of this amazing endeavor, truly in the vision of Robert F. Kennedy.  We are putting out ripples of hope.

–          Matt