Sometimes I don’t have time to flip books. I get the device, I touch it, and I’m able to get what I’m looking for. At the same time, I’m a trainer, and I’m able to teach my students using it, so it has really, really been effective.

Mary Mungai
Director of KRNA Program, Kijabe Hospital

We don’t have an open library to go to. So, the iPad becomes our library. We can open it up anytime, and find the information we need here at hand.

Kettie Louis
Health eVillages, HERO Coordinator

This facility is often overlooked because we are out in a rural setting in Kenya, and these staff come in with no resources to fall back on. Health eVillages gives us access to more information to help better the care of patient and to be a better provider.

Kayla Thielk
Quality Assurance Office, Lwala Community Alliance

The information on the devices is up to date and, now, even closer to us. We can avoid errors in giving medicine, which also ensures the safety of the patient.

Rosadarline Bossuet, RN
Ecole Nationale dInfirmiéres des Cayes (National School of Nursing, Cayes)

I was worried when a mother came in with a child of 10 years with the problem of severe Nasal Bleeding (epistaxis) I tried the knowledge l had and it all failed then l got the IPad and quickly opened skyscape and got all the information on what to do and eventually blood stopped and the mother was very happy since she had lost hope for her child. The information l got had even the diagrams to illustrate on Nasal packing I really saved the girls life. Thanks so much.

Anet Nalubega
Nurse, Angels of Hope Uganda

My patient had continuous convulsions and was developing incoherent speech. I had started treatment for malaria but the convulsions continued. I used the device to search for causes of convulsions and management. I landed on meningitis and looked at the symptoms and they were the same that the 6 year old girl had. I did a full hemogram and started the patient on IV ceftriaxone and IV dexamethasone and after 3 days I was a very proud clinician. I had the opportunity to consult the device in front of the father and he just wondered if technology would make it happen and helped. The girl I was healed of meningitis and the device not only made save a life but helped when I was at a crossroad and I never gambled with a human life. It made me do a sure thing and later saw a good prognosis. A result for celebrations and jubilation both for me and my patient.

Damianus Ouma Nyakinye
Clinical Officer, Lwala Community Alliance