9/11/2018: Tramuto Foundation Leads Eight Grantees in Remembering, Learning, Collaborating

Attendees honoring 9/11 victims with Prayer of Remembrance, Comfort and Hope

Since Donato founded Health eVillages in 2011, the Tramuto Foundation has been an integral partner in our effort to empower healthcare providers to improve global health and well-being.

Funding from the Tramuto Foundation has helped Health eVillages build new partnerships and programs over the last year in Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan and soon in Cameroon. In addition, Health eVillages partnered with the Foundation and Tivity Health to launch a new initiative on rural aging in the United States, focused on reversing social isolation and loneliness. We are thrilled to share that Health eVillages has been awarded a five-year grant that help support our work through 2021 – when we will celebrate the Foundation’s 20th anniversary with other grantees, friends and supporters on September 11th in Ogunquit, Maine.

The Tramuto Foundation is so much more than funding grants. Their motto is “Hearing Human Need” and Donato and the Foundation hear these needs and do something about it.

This week, on September 11th, Donato and the Foundation gathered all 8 of the 2021 beneficiary organizations for a September 11 Memorial Event at Saint Joseph’s College where Donato gave the keynote address. Donato approached the podium and said, “I would give anything not to be here today,” and then told his 9/11 story – a tragic story of the loss of his friends and their young son. Donato said, “I channeled my pain into action and into a force for good in the world.” He shared that with resilience and collaboration, we all can do things that last and make an enduring difference.

Donato shares his story of 9/11 and the loss of his dear friends and the founding of the Tramuto Foundation

The Tramuto Foundation excels at not just selecting worthy organizations and students to support. The Foundation helps foster a truly collaborative environment for grantees to work together to solve problems and do more than any one organization could do alone.

Under Donato’s leadership, Health eVillages already works closely with fellow grantees including the Lwala Community Alliance, RFK Human Rights, RFK Children’s Action Corps, Thomas Jefferson University and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Other grantees include the Boston University School of Public Health and the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Health eVillages is tremendously grateful to the Tramuto Foundation for its support and is proud to be among this amazing group of grantees.

Hear Donato’s inspiring story by clicking this link.

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