A Decade of Impact: Celebrating Success in Lwala

On Friday, March 31, 2017, Lwala Community Alliance celebrated their Ten-Year Anniversary to a vast Nashville audience at downtown’s Bell Tower. Both Tivity Health and Health eVillages sponsored the event and our Founder/Chairman, Donato Tramuto, gave one of the evening’s speeches.

“Tonight,” Donato began, “we are all sons and daughters of Lwala.” He then asked the entire audience to hug the person they were standing next to. It was one of many powerful moments that evening, which included a candid live conversation from LCA Founders, Fred and Milton Ochieng, and a moving musical performance from Nashville’s Jars of Clay.

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,” Donato said, quoting Dr. Maya Angelo, before thanking the Lwala leadership team “for being a rainbow in so many people’s clouds.”

Health eVillages partnered with Lwala Community Alliance back in 2012 and together, have worked to tackle some incredible challenges. Before constructing a state of the art cellular tower, it could often take up to several days for LCA to simply send an email and connect with their colleagues in the US. Before delivering the Health eVehicle, transport of staff and patients during the rainy season in Kenya was deemed “treacherous” and incredibly unsafe. Before access to tablets and mobile devices, simply searching for critical information at the point of care could be life-threatening. Together, Lwala Community Alliance and Health eVillages have expanded staff housing, provided dozens of tablets to community health workers to streamline their workflow and have even built a maternity ward so that more mothers can deliver their children at the hospital in safety and dignity. It’s a powerful alliance and one that we value tremendously.

Lwala Community Alliance Founders, Fred & Milton Ochieng, discuss the first breached birth at the Lwala Hospital with their Managing Director, Julius Mbeya

So, the important question: How has Lwala Community Alliance collaborated with their partners, trained their staff and created a model that is making a lasting difference to this community in Kenya? I had the honor of producing and editing the “Decade of Impact” video which screened at the event that outlined just that:

97% Skilled Delivery Rate.

94% Immunization Rate.

Nearly 0 Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.

“These are not just numbers,” Milton states in the video. “These are our children, these are our parents, these are our families.” It is with this impressive community-led model that Lwala has taken aim to expand its catchment area of 30,000 individuals to 1 million. And before exiting the stage, Donato made plainly to the awe-struck Lwala leadership team, our commitment to help support that vision by pledging $500,000 (collectively, from Health eVillages and The Tramuto Foundation) to Lwala Community Alliance over the next five years.

Our deepest congratulations to Lwala Community Alliance for the immense success they have achieved in just 10 short years and the success they will continue to achieve as they bring safe and efficient healthcare to the 1 million people of Migori County!

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