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Aiding Home Health Visits at Foundation for Senior Living

Health eVillages is proud to have been a partner of the Foundation for Senior Living, or FSL, since we were introduced by our corporate sponsor, Tivity Health (previously known as Healthways), in 2016. FSL is located in the greater Phoenix area and was founded in 1974 with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of life for adults and their caregivers. The organization was established by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix as a private non-profit providing housing services and social connections to seniors and disabled individuals. Creating an integrated system of care that enables adults to age in place through their community-based services has remained a priority for the Foundation. They offer customized care for elders and are one of the largest non-profits in the state of Arizona.


Health eVillages has teamed up to provide FSL with 10 iPads for their home health department.  (These are in addition to tablets provided in recent years for other FSL initiatives.) The iPads host a new system that allows for electronic visit documentation during home health visits to seniors in the comfort of their own homes. The nurses of FSL have been professionally trained to use this system and provide the care necessary for seniors and disabled individuals.

We recently gathered some feedback from the nurses at FSL on how the iPads are being used and their benefits. Rindi Ross, Quality Assurance Registered Nurse, commented, “I am testing the iPads alongside our Information Technology team and have shown some of the features to the field staff and clinical manager. We’ve been learning how McKesson set up the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), the layout, and where items are located in the patient profile.  I’m very happy with how quickly information is transmitted between the iPads and the server; it is much faster than waiting until the laptops are available for transfer.”


In short, the iPads are making the exchange of information much easier and faster than FSL’s previous way of documenting visits and will significantly help with the Electronic Visit Verification requirement. Health eVillages is grateful for our partnership and is excited to learn how our iPads will continue to benefit the Foundation for Senior Living in the future.

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