Beginning a Movement: Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging

On June 21, 2017, Tivity Health, in partnership with Health eVillages, Jefferson College of Population Health and MIT Age Lab, held the first-ever Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging. The event brought together an incredibly dynamic group of almost 80 stakeholders whose breadth of knowledge ranged from diverse backgrounds in business, finance, telecommunications and healthcare. Attendees gathered for an afternoon of discussions around the challenges rural aging communities are facing and possible solutions.






Three panel discussions were conducted where experts addressed important focus areas for this ongoing initiative. The first panel surrounded social connections and health resources. The panelists discussed building a sense of community to help address social isolation in addition to increasing access to important health care establishments. The second panel concerned the use of technology to better meet the needs of those living in rural communities. This discussion attempted to answer the question of how we can better utilize technology to address some of the issues facing the rural aging population. The final panelists touched on how we can all work together to move this initiative forward.

These panels prompted animated discussion between all participants that continued into our breakout sessions and beyond. The positive energy surrounding a group of people who truly want to take action and make meaningful changes was palpable.

At the event, we had the opportunity to speak with several attendees from the summit and have collected a brief sampling of those conversations here:

There were many takeaways, but the resounding sentiment was simple: “This is not a moment. This is a movement.”

As we continue to develop more action and follow-ups from this incredible meeting, we hope you will join that movement with us by visiting:

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