Bringing Medical Technology to The Youngest Country in Africa

Dr. Mark Newton is a truly incredible individual. Head of Anesthesiology at Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, he is a valuable partner of Health eVillages, and someone who we believe will be an important resource for our future work in the new South Sudan pilot program. I was fortunate enough to meet him last October during my travels to our Kenya pilot and even had the opportunity to briefly interview him in the video clip below.

During our discussion, Dr. Newton was accompanied by a nurse from South Sudan who was studying anesthesiology. In her words, she is “from the youngest country in Africa…and the world.” Under the direction of Dr. Newton, she will spend 18 months learning anesthesiology in order to bring this critical knowledge back to her country and put it into practical use. At this point in the discussion, Dr. Newton explains that this young woman will soon be faced with treating mothers who are dying and small children in need of surgery and “may need to be reminded of some of the things that she’s learned.” The solution: a device that stores books, protocols and other clinical resource materials to be made on-hand and available to these new anesthesiologists practicing in the field. This is where we believe Health eVillages can help make a drastic difference.

Over the past several months, Health eVillages has worked with Dr. Newton to deploy 14 new devices to students of anesthesiology at Kijabe Hospital and recent graduates already working in South Sudan rural hospitals. The devices provide important medical resources to those returning to South Sudan, as well to those already performing life-saving surgeries. It is our hope, that as these devices are distributed to students and graduates, they will be crucial in aiding healthcare delivered by the youngest anesthesiologists in the youngest country in the world. As Dr. Newton states, “Having access to any device that will save the lives of the women and children of South Sudan is well worth a small amount of money.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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