Continuing to Bring Hope to Uganda

We are always so excited to share the success of our partners, so we are thrilled to share some of the recent stories from Angels of Hope Uganda and the fabulous Nurse Annet. Angels of Hope has been a partner of ours since 2012 and Annet is the primary source of healthcare in the area in which the clinic calls home. Here are some of the incredible stories Annet was kind enough to send our way:

A mother came in with a child of 10 years with history of severe joint pains, severe jaundice, general body weakness and anorexia. This child also had paralysis of the left side the arm and leg two years back and she reported that it was due to malaria. I did all the investigations and they were non-reactive. I quickly picked [up] my Health eVillages device to check for the signs and symptoms she had, and this indicated SICKLECELL DISEASE. I referred, and the mother came back with POSITIVE RESULTS. This is how I saved this child with the information I got from the device. The child is now improving as she was admitted and put on blood transfusion and on intravenous medication. Thanks for this program.

A mother came in at the clinic with a newly born baby who had Neonatal Septicemia with severe jaundice and raised temperatures. Immediately, I picked the device and got the real information and it came out that the case was supposed to be managed from Hospital that has enough facilities. I gave first aid and referred the baby immediately and on follow up, the baby was taken to Hospital baby Nursery for close observation and investigations. Hence saving life.


2019 has also shown great success thus far! Here are some of her most recent successes over the past few months:

A mother came in with a baby of three months with a swollen brain (hydrocephalus) and she had believed that her baby was bewitched but I explained to her the meaning of a swollen brain with the help of the Health eVillages device.  I showed her all the images illustrating a baby with hydrocephalus, and then the mother was fully contented with the information and the images.  I then referred her to CURE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. The device helped the mother and her family.

I saved a baby who had been ill for a week and the parents believed that the baby had severe malaria, yet the baby had MEASLES. On arrival at our clinic, I took the baby’s medical history and the mother reported the baby has been on anti-malarials for a week with no improvement but raised body temperature and loss of appetite. I did all the investigations and blood tests which were showing negative. I pulled out my device to consult and the baby had all the signs and symptoms of Measles. I started the baby on proper medication, and she got better.  That’s how I saved a life with the use of the device.

Annet has always been someone we look forward to hearing from and has such an amazing impact in her community. We are so lucky to get these stories every month and we hope that they brighten your day as well. Congratulations Annet and Angels of Hope Uganda on the amazing work you do every single day for the people of your community!

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