Damianus Ouma Nyakinye, Clinical Officer, Lwala Community Alliance

Steve Phillips

My patient had continuous convulsions and was developing incoherent speech. I had started treatment for malaria but the convulsions continued. I used the device to search for causes of convulsions and management. I landed on meningitis and looked at the symptoms and they were the same that the 6 year old girl had. I did a full hemogram and started the patient on IV ceftriaxone and IV dexamethasone and after 3 days I was a very proud clinician. I had the opportunity to consult the device in front of the father and he just wondered if technology would make it happen and helped. The girl I was healed of meningitis and the device not only made save a life but helped when I was at a crossroad and I never gambled with a human life. It made me do a sure thing and later saw a good prognosis. A result for celebrations and jubilation both for me and my patient.