Health eVillages Africa, Day 1

Nurse Anet
Nurse Anet quickly learns how the Health eVillages iPod can help answer questions about diseases afflicting her community.

Here we are at the end of Day 1 Health eVillages Africa trip 2012! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip possible; there is excitement in the air as the training begins!

Today we traveled to the first clinic of our partner, Angels of Hope, located in Matugga, Uganda. Angels of Hope offers health care to orphaned children and their grandparents who have become primary caregivers due in part to the HIV/Aids epidemic.

After a friendly reception from the children that included song and dance, the training began with Nurse Anet. Nurse Anet is the Health eVillages sponsor for Angels of Hope and the Head of Nursing for the clinics. Nurse Anet caught on quickly to both the device and the Skyscape software and it was truly a pleasure to watch her face light up as she realized how much information was at her fingertips!

This child sits awestruck as he receives care from nurses using a Health eVillages mobile device

Day Two will focus on training in Matugga tomorrow with Dr. Ivan joining us! More to come!

– Matt

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