Exciting Things Happening for Health eVillages in 2019

A new year means new goals and new plans.  After much discussion and collaboration, Health eVillages has set into place an ambitious plan for 2019 including project expansions, new partners and a new team member – me.

Before we dig deeper into these exciting new plans, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Kimberly Janicak and I am the new Communications/Special Projects Coordinator for Health eVillages.  I am extremely eager to take on this role and can’t wait to assist the Health eVillages team here in the U.S. and around the world.  In my role, I will be handling all aspects of communication through email, digital and social media marketing, and written newsletters and blogs.

As mentioned previously, Health eVillages has big plans for 2019, including expansion of current projects as well as the launch of new projects and partnerships.  One expansion we are particularly excited about involves Lwala Community Alliance. Health eVillages has committed to providing 130 additional tablets to community health workers to expand service into Migori County, Kenya.  With these tablets, health workers will visit multiple villages to carry out case management activities. These include enrolling clients into programs as well as providing education on medical conditions. This expansion and increase in tablet supply will continue to benefit the larger Lwala community through improved healthcare and overall quality of life.

Another expansion we are planning this year includes the Kijabe, Kenya community and their outreach to nearby countries and communities, specifically their KRNA program (Kenya Registered Nurse and Anesthetists). Health eVillages will again partner with Skyscape to provide a mobile medical library on tablets to over 140 students and health professionals in Ethiopia.  We are very excited about this alliance and can’t wait to see how it aids the Kijabe Hospital’s efforts to bring safe surgery techniques and anesthesia to Ethiopia.

In Haiti, we will continue our partnership between the Be Like Brit program and Regis College. This partnership aims to support nurses based at the Be Like Brit orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti so they can improve care provided to the 66 children in residence, in addition to the staff and larger community.  This year, the program will also conduct “Lunch and Learns” focused on educating women in the community about reproductive health.  We will also roll out a reproductive health curriculum for all adolescent residents at Be Like Brit.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more news on future plans for Health eVillages! There is much more to come, and this is just the beginning.

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