Expanding HERO: 27 new devices for nurses at Ste. Therese, Haiti

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Ste. Therese has changed very little since I was last there. But it was quieter this time, with seemingly fewer patients, which I would like to hope is a good thing.

There is still plenty of work to be done, though, and a number of nurses doing it. There are currently 27 full-time nurses staffing the incredibly old hospital, and the number is growing every day.

Katie Blog-3As part of the HERO (Health eVillages, Regis College Outreach) program, Health eVillages assists in further educating the nurses, enabling them to provide better care for their patients. With this in mind, we empowered each nurse at Ste. Therese by putting the knowledge and ability to learn in their hands–literally. Today, Kettie Louis, the Regis College HERO Project Coordinator, led the execution of that objective by providing the entire nursing staff with their own tablet loaded with medical applications and tools to help them diagnose and treat their patients. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we were able to source extensive French-language material on the tablets that was needed to break down the language barrier, making the utilization of this great tool that much more effective.

During their training the nurses asked many questions about the tablets’ capabilities. They clearly realize the power of the device and appreciate the ability to advance their own knowledge and integrate the use of the technology into their workflow at the point-of-care.

Katie Blog-2The nurses continued exploring the tablets even after the training concluded and took the time to thank us for the gift, assuring us that the tablets will be well taken care of and used. We brought them outside of the training center before we departed for a quick photo opportunity and their light-heartedness and bright personas shone through.

We know these incredible women will use their new point-of-care technology and knowledge to make more informed decisions, and utilize them to not only educate themselves, but their patients as well.

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