Expansion of the Lwala Pilot is Underway!

Lwala Community Alliance is one of Health eVillages valued partners, and we are constantly striving to improve community patient care by providing the necessary support to its Center of Excellence. In our continued pursuit to “heal the villages,” we are determined to address essential infrastructural challenges as well as the educational needs of these providers. Below, James Nardella – Executive Director of Lwala Community Alliance – provides an update on the most recent construction taking place on the Health eVillages In-Patient Ward:

Due to the acute health challenges in the Lake Victoria Region and the overwhelming success of Lwala Community Alliance’s programs in driving up demand for clinical services, the hospital is currently operating above capacity. Both space and staff needed to provide quality health services for all people in the region are lacking. In response to the growth in both patient numbers and the need to improve health programming, Lwala Community Alliance has begun expansion of the current hospital building, including additional outpatient space for well-child visits and family planning and much needed space for a pharmacy, laboratory services, and health records.

In the last several weeks, contractors and local laborers have moved materials on-site, constructed temporary housing for workers, and begun excavation for the foundation of the expansion. A new, temporary entrance has been constructed in the existing hospital building to allow patients continued access to vital services. The construction will continue until mid-2015 and both staff and community members are excited that the expansion will ultimately add the much needed space that will enhance the quality of service delivered by Lwala Community Alliance.

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