Healing Hearts, Expanding Minds

This past month, Health eVillages was thrilled to provide the nurses of Ste. Therese Hospital in Hinche, Haiti with 25 new iPads programmed with the latest in clinical decision support tools and educational materials. This deployment was particularly exciting because these tablets were SIM card enabled, allowing the nurses access to a 3G network, enabling them to overcome the challenge of connecting to the internet at any given time.

Our HERO coordinator from Regis College, Kettie, traveled to Hinche to deliver the tablets and provide additional training to the nurses at Ste. Therese. Marie, a master’s student from Regis College, also traveled with Kettie to work in the hospital and observe the trainings. Below are some of Marie’s thoughts from her trip:

“During my trip to Hinche, Haiti, the HERO Project coordinator along with another faculty member whom I had traveled with provided continuing education to some of the nurses at St. Therese Hospital. A 3 day lecture about cardiovascular disease was delivered.  With the help of the HERO Project, on the fourth day, tablets were distributed to almost all nurses who had attended the cardiovascular disease lecture as it is the HERO Project ambition and goal to provide and sustain ongoing health care education to our dear neighbor.  These tablets have numerous practical apps that will allow these nurses to not only look up and care for current medical conditions but also for some uncommon medical conditions that are not generally seen in their health care environment.  Some of the apps are in their own language, Haitian Creole. One particular resource is one that teaches the causes, signs and symptoms, and treatment of cholera, an acute diarrheal disease seen very often in Haiti. This vividly demonstrates risk factors and ways to prevent this deadly bacterial illness.  This is very easy, straightforward and effortless for the nurses to understand, apply and spread information to avoid the spread of cholera, thus saving many lives!”

-Marie Nadege Buissereth, RN, BSN, FNP Student, Regis College

We want to thank Marie, our HERO Project Coordinator, Kettie Louis, and Barbara Maloney (Regis faculty) for their continued work with the nurses of Ste. Therese!  And, special thanks to PCS Wireless for donating the iPads to our project!

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