Health eVillages Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Life-Saving mHealth Program

Groundbreaking Global Initiative Helps Clinicians Deliver Better Care to Underserved Communities

Marlborough, MA (October 9, 2012) –Today, Health eVillages celebrates the one-year anniversary of delivering critical healthcare information via mobile technology to clinicians practicing in challenging global healthcare environments. The Program, founded in partnership with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and Physicians Interactive in September 2011, was formally launched during last year’s Health 2.0 Conference.  Since then, Health eVillages has had a tremendous impact helping clinicians deliver better patient care to patients in these underserved areas.

To commemorate the first anniversary, the following are planned for the 2012 Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco:

  • Health eVillages founder, Donato Tramuto, will share milestones achieved over the last year during a special lunchtime presentation on Tuesday, October 9th, 12:50 p.m. PT in room Imperial B at Hilton Union Square, San Francisco.
  • A donation and phone drive will encourage conference attendees to make donations in the form of money or used mobile devices, which can  be repurposed for medical professionals in underserved areas.  Each device will be wiped clean and loaded with the Health eVillages resources, powered by the Skyscape medical app, and shipped to various hospitals and clinics working with Health eVillages around the world.

The real-world impact and life-saving power of Health eVillages has been unmistakable.  To date, Health eVillages has made critical improvements to patient care in six pilot locations in Kijabe, Kenya; Lwala, Kenya; Uganda; China; Haiti; and rural Louisiana. Health eVillages provides handheld devices, such as smartphones, iPod Touches and iPads, that include specialized medical reference content and clinical decision support tools powered by Skyscape to clinicians in those developing countries. In 2012 so far, more than half of all healthcare providers at the pilot sites leveraged Health eVillages mHealth devices several times a day to look up critical health information such as drug dosages and interactions or treatment protocols. The Health eVillages devices also help clinicians train and educate medical staff on everything from invasive procedures, to navigating child birth, to identifying rare skin conditions. Since the program launched last year, Health eVillages has put devices in the hands of more than 100 clinicians worldwide.

“It’s been an amazing first year, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to improve the healthcare delivery system in remote and under-resourced hospitals and clinics around the world,” said Donato Tramuto, CEO and vice chairman of Physicians Interactive and founder of Health eVillages.  “As we reflect on the work to date and look ahead to what can and will be accomplished, one thing is abundantly clear: the power of technology to improve healthcare is real, and we look forward to building on our progress thus far to reach new heights in our second year.”

In May 2011, Donato Tramuto and Health eVillages were recognized in the Boston Globe, receiving a prestigious “Globe 100” award for innovation. The award was a result of Tramuto’s unique approach to innovation – focusing on the value of integrated mHealth tools as a way to address the need for quality and up-to-date medical information around the world.  As Health eVillages expands its global footprint, its Advisory Board has grown to include several distinguished leaders in healthcare that will contribute to the program’s growth and development in the years to come.

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About Health eVillages

Health eVillages, a program of the not-for-profit Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, provides state-of-the-art mobile health technology including medical reference and clinical decision support resources to medical professionals in the most challenging clinical environments around the world.  The Health eVillages Advisory Board is comprised of an all-star consortium of health information technology leaders, human rights and international development experts, healthcare providers, and health policy thought leaders.  With the Board’s guidance and the support of in-kind contributions, corporate sponsorship and major donors, Health eVillages’ mission is to empower medical professionals with mobile health tools and training that help improve the quality of care in some of the poorest, most underserved areas on the globe.  For more information about Health eVillages, please visit

About Physicians Interactive

Physicians Interactive (PI) is the leading provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions that fit within the medical professional workflow to provide better patient care. We use the full power of our worldwide network of Healthcare Professionals and Life Sciences Companies together in ways that will change the practice and business of medicine, for the better. PI has developed a foundation of user-generated, proprietary and public data that powers a networked suite of transactional applications, including EHR-based eCoupon and messaging, eSampling, multiplatform learning programs, and mobile solutions. Physicians Interactive is a division of, Inc.  For more information about PI, please visit



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