Health eVillages Extends Access to Healthcare from the U.S. and Haiti to Africa in 2018

Health eVillages Extends Access to Healthcare from the U.S. and Haiti to Africa in 2018

New 2018 Programs include Cameroon, Haiti, Maine and Tanzania

Boston, Mass. – (12/21/2018) – Health eVillages, a global non-profit organization founded in 2011 that provides medical resources such as mobile technology, education and training materials and apps to underserved communities, has increased its impact in 2018 by launching new partnerships and expanding to new communities in Cameroon, Haiti, Maine and Tanzania.

In total, Health eVillages has provided nearly 60,000 apps, digital titles, videos and tools to more than 1,000 healthcare providers in 48 communities worldwide. Healthcare professionals use Health eVillages tablets and content to diagnose and treat their patients, to dispense medications and to provide public health education to their communities.

“Health eVillages aims to address the fact that within our lifetimes, one billion people will die without ever having had access to basic healthcare, medication or even clean water,” said Health eVillages founder and president Donato Tramuto. “No one person or organization can reach one billion people alone.  Health eVillages aims to ‘heal-the-villages’ by empowering healthcare providers working in challenging clinical environments with tools that help them  to improve global health and well being through the delivery of proven mobile technology and community-focused, capacity-building solutions, that ultimately help to extend life with dignity and purpose.”

Helping Girls in Cameroon

Health eVillages partnered with the Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development to help educate 30,000 adolescent girls from five rural villages on reproductive health, to screen them for HIV and help prevent unwanted pregnancies through outreach education and community empowerment. Community Health Workers work with girls in their communities at mobile clinics where free services are provided.

Caring for Haitian Earthquake Orphans and Expanding Nursing Capacity

In partnership with Regis College in Weston, MA, Health eVillages supports nursing education, public health education and community outreach at the Be Like Brit Foundation in Grand Goâve, Haiti.

The Foundation provides a special home for 66 Haitian children left orphaned after the 2010 earthquake. The Be Like Brit full-time nurse and health clinic serves these children, the staff and the larger Grand Goâve community with clean water, community programming and other services. Health eVillages also partners with Regis College to provide nursing expertise, medical supplies, and public health educational curriculum for the students and larger community, as well as several tablets loaded with digital nursing content for the clinical staff at Be Like Brit. Recently, Regis College and Be Like Brit conducted a free community clinic for area residents. More than 125 residents sought care at the clinic, which for many was their first time receiving any type of healthcare. The most prevalent conditions treated were malnutrition, dehydration, hypertension and pregnancy-related issues.

Rural Aging Institute in Maine

This spring, Health eVillages partnered with Tivity Health and the Tramuto Foundation to establish the Institute for Integrative Aging at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Maine has one of the nation’s oldest, most rural and poorest populations. The Institute will be a center for research, education and community-centered care for older adults. Its mission will recognize the multi-dimensional aspects of aging, consider the societal factors that impact aging, and empower people to choose an integrated approach to living longer and healthier.

Supporting Community Health Workers in Remote Tanzania

Through the Afya Kwa Pamoja, or Together for Health, program being implemented in 16 villages of remote Tanzania, Health eVillages and WellShare International have partnered to improve maternal, child and reproductive health by using technology and mentorship to advance health knowledge, access to care and quality of services. iPads loaded with digital medical and public health education material have been deployed to 48 health professionals, both hospital-based and Community Health Workers. Since this summer, more than 11,000 patient visits have been aided by the use of the Health eVillages iPads, resulting in an increase in pregnant women delivering at a health facility, more women seeking antenatal care, more women breastfeeding immediately following birth and more villagers making better use of latrines to prevent cholera and other diseases.

Continuing Support for Frontline Health Programs and Partners

In 2018, Health eVillages continued supporting partners from around the world, including:

Lwala Community Alliance: Tablets support hospital staff and Community Health Workers in rural Kenya; and, the Tramuto Foundation – Health eVillages Nutrition Initiative addresses child mortality and a root-cause of malnutrition – food insecurity – through practical gardening training, nutrition principles lessons, and seed input support. Over 1,300 clients are enrolled; 680 are HIV-positive.

Kijabe Hospital: Working with the Department of Anesthesiology at this Kenyan teaching hospital, Health eVillages’ digital content, powered by Skyscape, helps train the next generation of nurse anesthetists in East Africa. During the past year, nearly 5,000 emergency surgeries and trauma cases were aided by Health eVillages’ digital content, yielding an 87% success rate after 48-hour discharge.

Partners in Compassionate Care: In addition to supplying tablets, the Health eVillages ambulance in South Sudan transported thousands of patients this year who otherwise would have had no means to travel to a clinic or hospital. Some of the largest transports were related to outbreaks of civil war violence, food poisoning, a cataract surgery clinic for village elders and numerous emergency pregnancy situations.

Other global project supported by Health eVillages are: Angels of Hope (Uganda), Child Legacy International (Malawi), Village HopeCore (Kenya), Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (Haiti) and Real Medicine Foundation (South Sudan.)

Domestically, Health eVillages continued partnerships in 2018 with Harrington Family Health Center (Maine), Community Clinical Services (Maine), Mercy Community Healthcare (Tennessee), Foundation for Senior Living (Arizona) and Loudon Volunteer Caregivers (Virginia.)

Health eVillages looks forward to moving the needle on healthcare in the United States and across the globe by continuing its 2018 partnerships and programs, while expanding its rural aging and global health work to new areas in 2019.

Support from Health eVillages Sponsors

Health eVillages operates with the generous support of sponsors including Tivity Health, Sharecare and the Tramuto Foundation, as well as the backing of Linkwell Health and Isobar, its Board of Directors and in-kind app and content donations from Skyscape.

“Our sponsors truly help Health eVillages make the world a better place — increasing access to quality healthcare and training the next generation of healthcare leaders,” Tramuto said. “Their financial commitment puts the power of Health eVillages into the hands of more doctors, more nurses and more Community Health Workers, providing the power to care for their neighbors and their communities, saving lives and spreading health and well-being to the far corners of the United States and the globe.”


About Health eVillages

Health eVillages collaborates to advance healthcare access and improve the quality of care by providing state-of-the-art mobile health technology including medical reference and clinical decision support tools, as well as other community-focused resources, to medical and public health professionals in the most challenging clinical environments around the world. Our partners include Tivity Health, Sharecare, the Tramuto Foundation, Skyscape, Linkwell Health, Isobar, Global Impact, the Maternity Foundation, Medical Aid Films, and more. You can find more information at and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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