Health eVillages Founder and Tivity Health CEO Donato Tramuto Presented at Unite To Cure, The 4th International Vatican Conference

Health eVillages Founder and Tivity Health CEO Donato Tramuto Presented at Unite To Cure, The 4th International Vatican Conference

VATICAN CITY, Italy (May 1, 2018)  — Donato Tramuto, founder and Chairman of Health eVillages, a global non-profit that empowers healthcare providers to improve global health and well-being via mobile devices, was a featured speaker at Unite To Cure, the Fourth International Vatican Conference, How Science, Technology and 21st Century Medicine Will Impact Culture and Society.

Tramuto is also CEO of Tivity Health, a provider of health and wellness programs to enable healthier aging, including SilverSneakers™, the nation’s leading fitness program for older adults.

The international three-day conference was held at the Aula Nuova del Sinodo in The Vatican on April 26-28, and brought together the world’s leading scientists, physicians, ethicists and faith leaders, government officials and philanthropists to engage in powerful conversations about the latest scientific breakthroughs and the future of healthcare.

“There are many populations, from aging to the underserved, and those in remote areas, who are isolated and need access to healthcare,” said Dr. Robin Smith, President of the Cura Foundation. “It is absolutely vital that all regions and peoples across the world have equal access to the incredible, life changing therapies and powerful technologies we’re reading about every day. It was terrific to have Donato Tramuto join us in Rome, and in our global mission of hope and healing.”

This year’s conference had a unique focus on advancing breakthrough technologies and disseminating knowledge that improves human health, prevents disease, protects the environment and considers cultural, religious and societal implications.

On April 27th, Tramuto discussed ‘Extending the Reach,’ a presentation and panel discussion with Dr. Stephen Shaya, Chief Medical Officer of J&B Medical, a global data healthcare solution company based in Michigan that offers telemedicine solutions, including in areas with limited access to healthcare providers.

“I was so honored to be a part of this historic international conference,” Tramuto said. “My entire career has been focused on the fact that within our lifetimes, one billion people will go to their graves without ever having access to healthcare workers, medication, clean water or viable health facilities. My mission through Health eVillages is to expand access to the highest quality healthcare by using tools and resources readily available in the United States, and by leveraging the collaborative IQ of multiple partners.”

“Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that healthcare is a basic right for every single person. And when one person doesn’t have access, we have violated that right. Just because you are poor does not mean you deserve to be treated differently than those whose fate has provided them with better means,” Tramuto added.

In 2011, Tramuto created the non-profit Health eVillages in partnership with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. Using the data-sharing app developed by the company he had co-founded, Physicians Interactive (now Aptus Health), pilot programs were launched in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti, where doctors and nurses were given the mobile technology and training to make informed life-saving decisions. Since that time, Health eVillages has expanded into eight countries and deployed more than 500 content-enabled mobile devices worldwide.

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About Health eVillages

Health eVillages collaborates to advance healthcare access and improve the quality of care by providing state-of-the-art mobile health technology including medical reference and clinical decision support tools, as well as other community-focused resources, to medical and public health professionals in the most challenging clinical environments around the world. Our partners include Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Tivity Health, Sharecare, the Tramuto Foundation, Skyscape, PCS Wireless, Global Impact, the Maternity Foundation, Medical Aid Films, and more. You can find more information at and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About Tivity Health

Tivity Health, Inc. is a leading provider of fitness and health improvement programs, with strong capabilities in developing and managing network solutions. Through its existing three networks, SilverSneakers® – the nation’s leading community fitness program for older adults, Prime® Fitness, and WholeHealth Living™, Tivity Health is focused on targeted population health for those 50 and over. With more than 15.6 million Americans eligible for SilverSneakers, over 10,000 fitness centers in the Prime Fitness Network, and more than 25 years of clinical and operational expertise in managing specialty health benefits and networks, including chiropractic services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, massage and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services, the Company touches millions of consumers across the country and works directly with hundreds of healthcare practitioners and many of the nation’s largest payers and employers. Learn more at

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The Cura Foundation leads a major global health movement, with the passionate purpose to improve human health. Cura unites public and private sectors, partnering with doctors, patients, business leaders, philanthropists and thought leaders to collaborate and create breakthroughs around the world. The foundation drives change by raising awareness of scientific advancements in genomics, emerging technologies and big data to usher in the future of medicine. Cura helps people live longer, better lives free from suffering. The Cura Foundation is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and tax-exempt organization under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For more information, please visit:

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