Health eVillages Welcomes Last Mile Health as New Partner

Health eVillages Welcomes Last Mile Health as New Partner 

 Health eVillages joins with Last Mile Health to bring healthcare to the most remote communities in Liberia

 BOSTON, MA (2/14/2019) – Today, Health eVillages announced a new partnership with Last Mile Health to help address the fact that in Liberia, 29 percent of the country’s population, approximately 1.2 million people, live more than an hour’s walk from the nearest clinic or hospital. Last Mile Health has worked in partnership with the Government of Liberia since 2007 to deploy professional Community Health Workers and clinical supervisors to bring lifesaving care to the doorsteps of those living at the last mile. Like Health eVillages, Last Mile Health works to fulfill the promise of access to healthcare as a human right for all, regardless of age, income or location.

Founded in 2011, Health eVillages focuses on enabling safe and efficient medical care in the most challenging clinical environments around the world through mobile healthcare technology and other capacity-building resources. The organization provides mobile medical and training resources to healthcare professionals working in underserved communities in Haiti, Africa, and the U.S. and addresses healthcare challenges, including infant and maternal mortality, tropical diseases, preventive healthcare, and well-being improvement.

This new collaboration with Last Mile Health will support the creation, training and distribution of new digital health content and tools focused on reproductive, neonatal and maternal health as aligned with the Government of Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program. Four thousand professional Community Health Workers spread throughout Liberia will leverage digital content and tools to reach people who have never before had access to healthcare.  Together with the Liberia Ministry of Health, Last Mile Health will help enhance Community Health Worker performance and improve health outcomes for those who are most in need.

Health eVillages and Last Mile Health will demonstrate how digital health can be leveraged as a means of boosting clinical and public health knowledge, optimizing performance and ultimately improving the quality of patient care.

“Today, even in 2019, there are far too many places in the world where people needlessly suffer in silence and die, due to the lack of basic healthcare and medicine,” said Health eVillages founder Donato Tramuto. “Health eVillages is proud to join with Last Mile Health to reach out to those remote communities in Liberia where together, we can help save lives – young and old – because everyone deserves access to high quality healthcare and a chance at life.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with an organization that shares our commitment to leveraging digital technology to ensure no one dies because they live too far from a doctor. Through our partnership with Health eVillages, we have the opportunity to advance the digitization of community health worker curriculum alongside the government in Liberia, which ultimately has the potential to improve access to quality care at the last mile,” said Last Mile Health CEO Raj Panjabi.

About Health eVillages: Health eVillages collaborates to advance healthcare access and improve the quality of care by providing state-of-the-art mobile health technology including medical reference and clinical decision support tools, as well as other community-focused resources, to medical and public health professionals in the most challenging clinical environments around the world. Our partners include Tivity Health®, Sharecare, the Tramuto Foundation, Skyscape, Linkwell Health, Isobar, Global Impact, the Maternity Foundation, Medical Aid Films, and more. You can find more information at and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About Last Mile Health: Last Mile Health saves lives in the world’s most remote communities by partnering with government to demonstrate, design, scale, and advocate for national networks of professional community health workers. The organization has worked for more than a decade to support governments to build national community health systems. Currently, Last Mile Health, in partnership with the Government of Liberia, supports over 3,000 community health workers as part of a national program that will serve 1.2 million Liberians by 2021.


Contact: Kimberly Janicak



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