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Looking back on the last few days, I believe it is time to reflect on what I’ve been able to see here in Haiti.

During this trip, I was introduced to some of the incredible individuals behind the HERO program that comes from the partnership of Regis College and Health eVillages. Their passion for their work is outstanding and simply infectious.

On the initial drive from Port au Prince to the county of Mirebalais we all spoke at length about the state of the health care system in the country and the unfortunate lack of education in Haiti that causes patient care to suffer. I was saddened to hear of the suffering of patients but knowing how hospitals and clinics previously functioned makes me believe and become excited more and more by the work being done by the Regis College staff.

The second day of our trip was a full day of humbling experiences and observations. We traveled to two clinics that see hundreds to thousands of individuals a day. The clinicians who staff these establishments are some incredible individuals who do astounding work with the limited resources available to them.

The teams at Hospital Universitaire de Mirebalais and Ste Terese shared many stories with us that were heartbreaking. We were told of the lack of pain management training that led to a boy’s leg being re-broken without any kind of pain medication. It is these stories and the need for this kind of education that brings Regis College and Health eVillages together in educating the nurses at Ste Terese in these critical treatment areas. The nurses that are chosen to participate in these classes are so eager to learn and are willing to take in whatever information that is presented to them. These nurses are the ones that we will depend on to disseminate information to the other nurses at their clinics. They are the new generation of nurses that will begin to ensure that nurses and other medical staff in these areas will have the information that they not only need but the information that they deserve.

Kathryn Eaton
Project Coordinator
Health eVillages

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