Kijabe Hospital – Creating Regional Medical Content in Kenya for Nurse Anesthetists

KijabeWe had a truly incredible day spent with Dr. Mark Newton and his team at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya.  A year later, it was wonderful to see how the Health eVillages devices and content have transformed the way that providers deliver healthcare.  We were able to meet with a number of nurse anesthetists that we had trained last year, and their enthusiasm for the program and hunger for more information was contagious.

Today, we were able to record Dr. Newton lecturing to a class of nurse anesthetists from all over Kenya.  This video and audio will be sent to the Health eVillages partner, Oakstone Publishing.  They will take the content, combine it with Dr. Newton’s PowerPoint slides and turn it into the first ever Oakstone video specific to Kenyan providers!

It was also very exciting to introduce Dr. Newton to the newest medical app in the Health eVillages software suite – Welvu.  One of the biggest challenges Health eVillages faces is making sure the medical content we provide is as relevant to the area of the world we are working in as possible.  From a medical education perspective, Welvu will be a game changer.

Tomorrow we are off to Lwala, Kenya to check in with our partners at the Lwala Community Alliance!

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