Looking forward to 2013

As we begin 2013, Health eVillages has so much to reflect on from last year!  It was a year filled with new projects, partnerships and some amazing stories.  All-in-all, healthcare providers (HCPs) using Health eVillages devices saw over 20,000 patients in Health eVillages Haiti Pilot2012! Let’s start this year with a brief update on our pilot sites:

Angels of Hope Uganda – Our friends in Uganda are using their Health eVillages devices for a wide variety of things.  When Nurse Anet, Head Nurse at Angels of Hope, isn’t using the Skyscape drug guide to determine the appropriate medicines to buy, she is showing a classroom of new mothers proper infant nutrition videos from Medical Aid Films.   Dr. Ivan, Lead Physician at Angels of Hope, has used his device all over the country, bringing medical references to areas so remote, it would be impractical to carry books.   Dr. Odeke, who works up in Acuma, our most rural clinic, used the symptom checker to diagnose an HIV/AIDS patient with Lupus.  It was a disease he hadn’t even considered, and the knowledge he gained from the Health eVillages mobile device saved the man’s life!

Kijabe Kenya – The Health eVillages anesthesiologists at Kijabe hospital saw over 11,000 patients in surgery this year!  They were helped every step of the way by the anesthesiology reference material from Skyscape on their devices.  Dr. Papytcho Ntambwe has returned from Kijabe to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with his Health eVillages device and has become one of only a few anesthetists serving the southern DRC.  Dr. Mark Newton, Head of Anesthesiology at Kijabe Hospital, brought his device to Somalia in December where he used it to help treat patients in one of the harshest environments in the world.  Most recently, Health eVillages partnered with content partner Oakstone Publishing and hardware partner Magnus Gyan to bring Kijabe a tablet loaded with continuing medical education material to supplement medical instruction.

Shanghai, China – Shanghai Children’s Hospital, where our Chinese users are located, saw over 1 million patients in 2012!  All of our users there work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and have been using the devices to do background research on pediatric diseases.  They have found the Health eVillages dosing calculators especially useful.  We can’t wait for the new round of residents to arrive this year and work with them to bring the Health eVillages mobile devices out into their smaller cities!

Haiti – Our Haitian Health eVillages users returned to the states during the summer of 2012 to continue their education at Regis College and spent some time re-training with our team!  We were able to answer questions the nurses had on the software and update their devices with a number of new French language medical apps.  The nurses, all having different levels of English competency, were using the devices different amounts.  Some, who lived in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, were using the devices every day while others from more rural areas really needed the French language apps to increase their comfort level with the devices.  One of the nurses was using her device so much to teach medical students that she crafted a homemade armband so she could carry her devices around while she was teaching!

Lwala Kenya:  A thriving, rural hospital, The Lwala Community Alliance (LCA) was one of the most amazing pilot sites in 2012.  The year began with the life-saving story of Nurse Okari, who used the Skyscape reference guides to research neonatal resuscitation and saved a baby’s life.  As 2012 progressed, the Health eVillages material was incorporated into bi-monthly continuing medical education classes run by the administration and often by the co-founders of LCA – brothers Fred and Milton O’Chieng.  Nurse Okari has recently begun bringing his device out into the surrounding community to provide in-house education using images and videos from Health eVillages.  He works to leverage this educational material to convince sick individuals that they need medical attention at the health center.  We are currently working to arm traveling nurses from Vanderbilt University with the Skyscape software as they travel to Lwala to help them maximize their impact while they are on the ground.

As I write this, we are beginning to develop the plans for our newest pilot in rural Louisiana!  There will be more to come on this front soon, so check back in soon for more exciting news from Health eVillages!

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