Lunch & Learn with Lwala Community Alliance

Lwala Community Alliance has been a true leader when it comes to bringing holistic health programs and community led solutions to East Africa. Health eVillages has proudly partnered with this organization since 2012 with the hope of aiding in their mission to mobilize community members to access healthcare services and bring better health outcomes to this region at large.

Last month, we had the fortune of being able to host Executive Director, Ash Rogers and Economic Development Officer, Winnie Oyugi, for an incredibly informative Lunch & Learn at our Nashville office. Our Tivity Health and Sharecare colleagues had the benefit of hearing first hand of some of the outstanding work that is taking place in Lwala Village.

Ash began the conversation with a short introduction and video outlining some of Lwala’s key organizational goals. Afterwards, Winnie, a native of Lwala, spoke very inspiringly on her life growing up. She discussed her motivations to attend school and receive an education to help motivate and provide hope to other members of her village. She also discussed her mother, Leah, who after being diagnosed with HIV, not only improved her own condition by treatment through the Lwala hospital, but helped to educate and destigmatize HIV in their village by becoming a Community Health Worker herself.

Lwala Community Health Workers being trained on Health eVillages’ mobile devices.

Ash then provided a high-level overview of the main pillars of Lwala’s health model, as well as outlining some of the programs supported by Health eVillages. “One of the things we’re trying to do at Lwala is create local solutions that have real change; but that real change has a ripple effect throughout the world.” A key project highlighted was the Health eVillages/Tramuto Foundation Nutrition Initiative, which aims to help reduce the deaths of children under 5 from the preventable underlying cause of malnutrition. With the help of Community Health Workers who utilize Health eVillages mobile devices, children are properly screened for malnutrition, referred to the hospital and case-managed moving forward. Lwala also provides nutritional supplements/education and even training on how to grow nutrient rich foods for families enrolled in this program.

If you would like to learn more, please take the time to watch the full Lunch & Learn discussion here:




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