Lwala Community Alliance – Keyna

It was our first day at the Lwala Community Alliance today!  Great to be back here at this incredibly inspirational health center with Lwala Community Kidsthis amazing group of providers.  We spent time today walking the facility and meeting with the Administration.  We captured some amazing footage of the beautiful sunset here in Western Kenya.  Once again, the beautiful children always bring a smile to our faces and are a constant reminder of why we do the work we do at Health eVillages.

We encountered a truly inspirational moment this evening when we introduced Japolo, a Clinical Officer (nurse practitioner), to the new Kenya-specific material on Skyscape.  The realization he had when he recognized that he now had content with his country’s protocols was powerful.  We were excited to witness him introducing this to the other providers her – a real barrier Health eVillages had overcome!

Tomorrow we will conduct interviews with the providers here surrounding the use of the iPods and iPads at the site and look forward to hearing what has truly helped, and how we can further improve the program.

Safaricom (wireless provider) will be coming tomorrow to begin to install wireless service here at Lwala!  This project was made possible because of a grant directly from Health eVillages that will bring Internet to this very rural site!  The possibilities this initiative opens up are incredible and we are so excited to see it implemented.


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