Mobile Phones Answer Needs to African Healthcare

The Angels of Hope clinic in Mattuga, Uganda
The Consultation Room in the Angels of Hope clinic where patients are seen.

Another great day at Angels of Hope Matugga Clinic!  Day Two of Health eVillages training allowed for a follow-up with Nurse Anet and the addition of Doctor Ivan, the Director of the clinic and the technological expert within Angels of Hope.

Yesterday I was so impressed by how quickly Anet learned, and today Ivan was even faster!  It was wonderful to watch as he navigated thought the Skyscape application.

Dr. Ivan showed me things that would be especially useful to him, and pointed out places where he felt the application could be modified to better suit health care providers in developing parts of the world.

After our training session, I was able to connect with Health eVillages technology wizard Jonathan Allen to begin to address Dr. Ivan’s suggestions.  A special thanks to Jonathan for his quick response; within the next couple of days Dr. Ivan will be able to download more Skyscape titles that will help him utilize the application even more!

Our first real challenge may come tomorrow as we move to Uganda’s rural north and Angels of Hope second clinic.  We will train health care providers with very little experience using electronics, including those with little to no access to medical reference materials at all!  With a little patience we will try to provide them with a full medical library right at their fingertips!

Check in tomorrow for news on Day 3 of Health eVillages, Africa!

– Matt

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