New Devices & Training for RFK Lafitte Medical Clinic


Members of the Health eVillages team recently had the incredible opportunity to reconnect and, in a way, “upgrade” one of our locations in Louisiana. The RFK Lafitte Medical Clinic is located only 22 miles from the heart of New Orleans, but its setting could not be more different than the city. Moving away from the bustle and big buildings, you are pulled into a distinctively rural setting. Most houses are raised on tall pillars to protect them from flooding as a result of hurricanes. The once-busy fishing and shrimping community has quieted and many of the boats that once floated on the bayou are nowhere to be found.

This rural community is home to the health care center that services the surrounding areas. The RFK Lafitte Medical Clinic is split into two sections: dental and medical. We had the privilege of meeting with the providers of both areas of the hospital and providing them valuable resources.


This opportunity enabled the Health eVillages team to reevaluate the needs of the providers there and to give them most-needed resources. With seven new tablets we were able to train the providers on Omnio, where they witnessed the power of the intuitive and expansive application. Although some users had previous experience with our software, all were quite excited about Omnio’s capabilities and features—most specifically the diverse library of resources as well as the in-app symptom checker, drug interaction assessment, and pill ID.

In the RFK Lafitte Medical Clinic we can truly see the impact that we have, in our own back yard as well as in the global community beyond.

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