Our Journey to Kenya

1The Health eVillages core team comprising of Kathryn Eaton, Dominic Portalla, Bonnie Schirato and Rachana Iyer (left to right) arrive at Nairobi airport all charged up to begin with their partner site visits.

2The first Health eVillages partner site visit is at Jacaranda Health, a social enterprise innovating to provide high quality and affordable maternal and newborn care services in semi-urban Nairobi.

3The day begins with Catherine Nyojabi Ongeti, Hospital Manager taking the Health eVillages team around on an informative tour while explaining the functioning of various departments and the Jacaranda Health model of patient care.

4During the guided tour, the Health eVillages team observes the first Health eVillages tablet currently operational and in use at the In-Patient ward at Jacaranda Health. The tablet is mounted in a central location and is used by the health care providers as and when they need to seek reference to content.

5The Health eVillages team hands over two tablets that contain Omnio with relevant content to Jacaranda Health followed by Kathryn Eaton training on device usage and the various functions of the app.

6Dr. Suha Patel, Global Health Fellow and the site contact at Jacaranda Health, explores Omnio and the entire team discusses potential for expansion of users and content. Content for nurse training and integrating JH protocols onto Omnio were identified as two new applications for the devices.

7The field visit comes to an end with a fruitful discussion on the expanding the scope and application of Health eVillages clinical content across other programs at Jacaranda Health.

8Day two of our partner site visits started with an early flight and a long drive in the newly purchased Health eVehicle. The vehicle allows transport during the rainy season in Kenya when the traditional motorbike travel is unsafe on the dirt roads leading into the village.

9We were graciously greeted by a group of community health workers who surprised us at the entrance to the hospital, dancing and singing us welcome songs. These incredible women are the ones who travel out into the remote areas surrounding Lwala to provide education and referrals.

10After approximately three years, our founder had a wonderful reunion with Geoffrey, one of the two twins whose safe delivery was made possible through the use of Health eVillages devices.

11Founder and Chairman, Donato Tramuto, cuts the ribbon to officially open the newly built expansion to the hospital. This building helps to facilitate the treatment of additional patients and house expectant mothers.

12The day concluded with a wonderful presentation from Lwala Community Alliance as well as Donato personally presenting Wycliffe Omwanda, Lwala’s Head Clinician, with his Frontline Healthcare Hero award. An additional twenty tablets were gifted to help outfit the community health care workers to continue to save lives in Lwala village and beyond

13On our way to our final partner visit, we were fortunate to see a beautiful geographical landmark, the Great Rift Valley which extends from Lebanon to the Mozambique (3,700 miles!)

14The area that Kijabe AIC Hospital calls home was also home to the first missionaries who decided to set roots in the region. The current hospital sits in the same place where the first medical facility was established over one-hundred years ago.

15AIC Kijabe Hospital is home to approximately 10 wards, each specializing in a different area of treatment, from a Tuberculosis ward, to a newly constructed children’s ward. All of the equipment and the facility itself is provided through generous donations.

16The Health eVillages team had the opportunity to meet with members of the Anesthesiology program. This program carefully selects individuals from all over East Africa to be trained over the course of eighteen months so that they may return to their home countries to become some of the first anesthesiologists in their country.

17Our trip concluded with one of the most memorable sights; actually witnessing the use of a Health eVillages device to aid a live surgery. In speaking with the students afterwards, we learned of how important the practical use of this technology would be, not only in this surgical setting but as they continue their practice in returning to their home countries.



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