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Partner Spotlight – Skyscape, Inc.

Since the inception of Health eVillages, we have been incredibly privileged to have had partners that support our work in a myriad of important ways. One of those partners is an organization called Skyscape and they have played an integral part in helping us provide critical resources to programs around the world.

Skyscape was founded by Sandeep Shah and Kartik Shah in 1993 with the mission of providing medical information and tools to healthcare providers to empower critical decisions at the point-of-care. Being that Sandeep’s wife is in fact a cardiologist, he was well positioned to observe many of the pain-points that physicians have in relation to getting trusted information to help treat their patients. “It’s been said that a physician, before they can touch the first patient, has to know and memorize over a million facts,” Sandeep explained. “We provide that information in a fashion that is aggregated and combined from different sources.”

Key to Health eVillages’ success has been Skyscape’s digital library, which Kartik calls “a breadth and wealth of information of Gold Standard content.” Through the generosity of Skyscape, Health eVillages has been able to procure hundreds of these digitized medical textbooks at deeply discounted rates and provide them to students and healthcare professionals working at locations such as Kenya’s Kijabe Hospital, who are utilizing these books as part of their curriculum in the KRNA Program. In fact, since 2016 the tablets provided by Health eVillages and medical books from Skyscape’s digital library have aided in thousands of successful procedures at the hospital. With Skyscape’s support, we have recently expanded our support of Kijabe Hospital to provide 140 more users with this digital library in Ethiopia who will be putting this breadth and wealth of information to good use. Many of these new users in Ethiopia will be the very first in their communities who are qualified to deliver desperately needed anesthesia.

We are incredibly grateful to be able to partner with Skyscape to use our aligned missions and synergies to help make a difference in villages across the world. Please take a moment to learn more about Skyscape by watching the following video:


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