Partners in Compassionate Care Ambulance Transports 450 People in South Sudan

We are happy to share news of the continued success of the ambulance that Health eVillages sponsored for our friends at Partners in Compassionate Care in South Sudan. Below is a story shared by Deng Jongkuch, Partners in Compassionate Care’s Executive Director, about an incident in which over 450 patients were transported! Here is the news that Deng shared with us.

“Dr. Ajak was wrapping up his day at Bor Clinic when he received an urgent call from Bor Government Hospital. There was a sudden outbreak of illness and they needed Memorial Christian Hospital’s (MCH) Ambulance and staff to help treat the incoming patients. Dr. Ajak and his staff jumped into the ambulance and raced to the Government Hospital.

Over the course of the night MCH’s ambulance ran constantly, ferrying sick men and women from their homes to the government hospital. The hospital ran out of beds, and the sick lay on the floors and in the hallways. They even spilled outside, taking refuge under trees and in the shade of the walls. The ambulance continued to bring people in until it ran out of gas. In all, over 450 people were treated for vomiting, diarrhea, and fevers. In the night, a child succumbed to the sickness that swept through them all. The outbreak is currently under investigation, but suspected to be food poisoning.”

We want to thank Deng for sharing this story with us. We are so happy to be partnered with this great organization that is helping so many. To learn more about Partners in Compassionate Care and their work, visit their website.


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