Pilot Launch at Teche Action Clinics in Louisiana

We had an incredible week launching our newest Health eVillages pilot at the Teche Action Clinics in Franklin, Louisiana!  It was great to see our global program start helping healthcare providers and patients in the United States.  The challenges rural Southern Louisiana health centers face was made worse by the 2010 oil spill.  A recent study found 87% of residents surveyed are experiencing health complications potentially linked to the spill.Teche Action Clinic

Dr. Gary Wiltz, the Teche Action Board CEO and Chair-Elect of the National Association of Community Health Centers, worked with Health eVillages to design software suites specific to each Franklin healthcare provider’s needs.  These doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants provide care to the under-served every day.  Approximately 45% of patients accessing services at Franklin are uninsured.

Almost immediately after training, the healthcare providers were using their Health eVillages iPods to research treatments and medications, diagnose patients, and educate patients.  At a health center with limited financial support and providers that often travel to provide care, the mobile devices will be essential for providing the highest possible quality of care.

Teche Action Clinics

After training, Dr. Wiltz spoke of how many of his providers were trained in “high-tech” environments. Now that they are in Franklin, they are in a “high-touch” environment.  He said that with the help of Health eVillages, they can now marry the tech with the touch and provide a new level of care.

We look forward to returning to Franklin to see how the mobile medical resources from Health eVillages have empowered providers and to find out what they have found most useful!

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