Projecting Maternal Health Content in Uganda

We sit here in a room full of Angels of Hope zone leaders, men and women who are the pillars of their community here in Mattuga, Uganda. It has been rare in our travels that we have come across such a dedicated group of people.  It is wonderful a year and a half later to meet them again and hear of the effect that the Health eVillages software has had on their work, and on the work of the Angels of Hope clinic.Mattuga, Uganda

Today we launched our Angels of Hope Community Outreach Program.  We brought with us a small projector that connects to Nurse Anet’s Health eVillages iPad.  Anet is the Head Nurse of Angels of Hope Uganda, and our Health eVillages site sponsor here in Mattuga.  Using the projector, Anet was able to display maternal health videos on the wall of the clinic.  Throughout the session, we would pause the video and discuss the information being conveyed and how it may be helpful to youth within the community here in Mattuga and the surrounding areas.

The zone leaders had many ideas of how to improve the content in the videos and topics to add that we hadn’t even considered.  They also feel that it would be a great next step to begin to bring the videos with the projector to each zone of the community, one at a time, to educate the people on basic health concepts.  We welcome the opportunity to affect so many!

Again, it was wonderful to hear Anet’s stories of people she has helped with information gained from the Health eVillages devices and we are so excited to take the next steps!

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