Dr. Farmer spoke with an HIV patient at the Partners in Health hospital in Cange, Haiti, in 2003. ANGEL FRANCO/NYT

Remembering Dr. Paul Farmer…A Compassionate Leader For All Seasons

Like so many others across the globe, the news of the sudden passing of Dr. Paul Farmer was met with profound sadness and shock. He was truly a giant for compassion, kindness, and fairness. I was fortunate to have met him many years ago and then had the opportunity to visit Haiti and the Hospital University in Mirebalais where his vision helped championed its creation following the devastating earthquake in 2010. He worked tirelessly for the poor and disadvantaged of our land and never wavered in his belief that healthcare is a basic human right for all people while at the same time recognizing the need to address the social challenges that contribute to health inequities. The TramutoPorter Foundation and Health eVillages extends its condolences to his wife and children and we join hands with millions and millions of people across the globe in recognizing how better our world is because of the incredible courage and commitment of Dr. Paul Farmer. He was truly a Compassionate Leader for all Seasons!

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