Restoring Sight and Hope

As our year begins to wind down, it is important to take note of the many successes of 2018. We were thrilled to receive the following message recently from Deng Jongkuch, Executive Director of Partners in Compassionate Care in South Sudan, which highlights a successful Cataract Surgical Clinic.

“I want to give Health eVillages an update on a successful Cataract Surgical Camp we conducted in Bor. 193 elderly people regained their sight. More than 700 people were screened and ready for cataract surgery, but we only budgeted for 150. It was an emotional day when over 500 were told to leave without surgery.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the ambulance. This vehicle is a cornerstone of what we are doing in this remote area. We transported eye patients between the hospital and the clinics where they were screened. We sent the ambulance to a leprosy village for screening and brought back cataract patients for surgery. And in between, the ambulance would rush to the market to pick up fuel and supplies. Without it, the five leprosy victims would not have regained their sight.

As I write this, the ambulance just returned from a trip where it picked up a woman ready to deliver twins. One baby was born in the ambulance and we are still waiting for the other to arrive.

Much appreciation,

Another important fact to know is that victims of leprosy are traditionally shunned in South Sudan and are rarely provided with care such as cataract surgeries. Without Partners in Compassionate Care, they would likely have never regained their sight.

We’re very proud to support the work being done by the clinicians who continue to bring light and life into the world of the people in South Sudan.

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