Shining a Light on Angels of Hope

Angels of Hope is one of Health eVillages’ longest running partnerships. Our relationship began at the start of our own organization and we are happy to continue supporting their great work. As such, we thought it was fitting for everyone to get a better sense of what Angels of Hope is all about and hear directly from their founder, Fay DeAvignon, about how Health eVillages and other technology helps the clinics.

“The District Health Division often uses the Matugga Clinic as a training ground for new medical equipment/treatments that become available to them, so they can help determine their efficacy in the field. At the end of 2016, a newly available hand-held device was given to Nurse Anet, along with the necessary training, to use on our patients to determine whether or not they have malaria. This device can take a drop of patient’s blood and transmit its make-up through the device to determine whether or not the patient actually has the disease. We now use this full time, and found that many patients who present with symptoms of the disease do not, effectively reducing the use of medication used inappropriately.

The use of mobile technology in our programs through Health eVillages has completely changed the way we provide Healthcare at AoH. Not only is this trend absolutely necessary to the improvement in care to the patient, but using the devices in educating our patients on a variety of issues such as pregnancy, preventive care and nutrition is just as important.

Our Home Healthcare Program continues to grow as the value of this personal, ongoing treatment is recognized. In 2018 we are hoping to grow this program with a second team who will be able to make an additional day of homecare available in the community to new patients who also need our help.”

-Fay DeAvignon, Founder – Angels of Hope, Inc.

 Given that Angels of Hope is one of our longest partnerships, Annet Nalubega, a nurse and the individual who operates the Angels of Hope clinic, is also one of our first and longest running device users. Annet provides amazing stories to us every month about her incredible work. We would love to share some of her most impressive stories below:

“A mother came in with a baby of 4 months and she had severe joint pains, jaundice, diarrhea and general body weakness. On doing the necessary blood tests according to the signs and symptoms, all the results were NEGATIVE. I suspected a bacterial infection and l put the baby on treatment. But after a week, the mother came in reporting no improvement and l picked [up] the device and come to find out the baby had all the signs of SICKLECELL DISEASE. l quickly referred the client to Mulago Referral Hospital for Sickle cell test and the results came out POSITIVE, hence saving a life. [I] am proud of my device.”

“A gentleman came in with history of Peptic Ulcers and he had tried all oral medication and he was in critical condition. l quickly picked my device and got the real medication saving [his] life.”

“A mother came at the clinic with a 2-year-old baby with history of seizures on and off and she has been to several clinics without improvement yet on constant treatment. The family members mentioned the child was bewitched and the mother could not take the idea of bewitching her child. She [brought] the child to Angels of Hope clinic and l did a quick examination on the baby, consulted my device with the help of the mother’s history and came up with a proper diagnosis. We started [the] child on treatment, now the mother reports much improvement hence saving a life with the use of the device.”

“I got a patient with a swollen, tense abdomen. I suspected abdominal gas but when I checked the (Health eVillages) device, it indicated signs of intestinal obstruction (and) I referred the patient immediately for an abdominal x-ray. I saved a patient’s life”

-Annet Nalubega, Nurse – Angels of Hope, Inc.

We want to thank Fay and Annet for their continued partnership and dedication to the betterment in wellness for the people of Uganda!

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