Solar Powered Charging Stations Brings New Light

An Angels of Hope clinic in Acuma, Uganda

What an exciting day here for Health eVillages in Central Uganda!

We had a wonderful training session here today with a group of health care providers who have had very little exposure to mobile technology!  Not only did they catch on quickly to the Skyscape software, they were able to truly grasp the power of the tool and the knowledge at their fingertips.

Here in a clinic with only two medical books, both from the 1970’s, the ability to access up-to-date medical information with Health eVillages will surely save lives.

Matt trains Dr. Odeke, Lead Physician at the Angeles of Hope clinic

The second challenge here after the inexperience with technology was the lack of any electrical power whatsoever.  There is no such thing as an electrical outlet, a challenge that could have rendered the devices all but useless.

Thanks to solar power, we were able to overcome this challenge!  Using a small solar device we brought, we charged the devices during the day allowing for uninterrupted usage with patients and superior medical care!

Matt and Dr. Odeke continue to train tirelessly through the dark night, despite the lack of electricity.

Tomorrow it’s back to the capital city to regroup and prepare for the second leg of the journey, Kenya!

– Matt

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