Speak Truth to Empower

We are so happy to announce the newest initiative launched by our Founder and Chairman, Donato Tramuto, focused on workplace dignity and inclusion! This $1 million commitment from the Tramuto Foundation in partnership with RFK Human Rights seeks to eliminate workplace bullying and discrimination.

Announced at December 12th’s Ripple of Hope Gala, “Speak Truth to Empower” will address the ever-growing issue of workplace bullying. Findings from the 2017 US Workplace Bullying Survey indicate that 60 million U.S. workers are affected by some form of workplace harassment, 2/3 of perpetrators are men and 2/3 of the targets are women. 60% of the time, culprits are bosses, 40% of those harassed suffer from adverse health impacts and 71% of cases go unreported.

Donato, as always, seeking to make this world more just and fair knew that this issue could not go unaddressed. He will first pilot this initiative within Tivity Health where best practices will be established and distributed to other companies looking to improve the lives of their colleagues.

“This new program will establish a respectful and fair work environment by exposing toxic cultures, advocating on behalf of those in abusive work relationships, empowering those that are marginalized or held back and training employees at every level on behaviors that support a healthy and respectful workplace culture.”

Kerry Kennedy, President – RFK Human Rights

We are proud of this ground-breaking work being taken on by these influential organizations and believe we will see great change in our world because of it. To learn more about this initiative click here.


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